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Applied Mathematics for Malting and Brewing Technologists

Technological Calculations, Benchmarks and Correlations for Process Optimization

Autor(en): Manger

366 p / Paperback

1. English Edition 2017

ISBN 978-3-921690-83-3

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About the Book

The goal of this reference book, available for the first time in English, is to provide an overview of the technological calculations and benchmarks relevant to those in the brewing and malting industries. The authors supplement this overview with correlations and statistically reliable relationships they have researched during their carriers. For trainees, students, and practitioners of brewing, malting, and beverage sciences, this book will help to optimize process management. Furthermore helpful technological calculation tables and graphs are included to create an easy to use reference book.

In addition to the computational principles, numerous sample calculations, in the form of real world examples, are explained and carried out to provide a deeper understanding of the discussed topics. From these principles and examples, the reader can easily implement company specific solutions. For smaller breweries, which may lack the data for a large analytical study, simplified technological approximations are also suggested. Since the book has its origin in Germany, metric system units are used in all calculations.

From the content:

  • Basic and geometric calculations
  • Grain storage, care, transportation
  • Malt production and milling
  • Brewing water and cleaning agents
  • Wort production
  • Fermentation and maturation of beer
  • Clarification and stabilization of Beer
  • Thermal preservation of beer
  • Energy content of beer and alcohol breakdown in the human body
  • Sample calculations for preparation of alcohol-free soft drinks
  • Product pipelines in the brewery
  • Utilities: Pumps / compressors / heat exchangers
  • Key indicators for plant planning
  • Units

Translated by Christopher Bergtholdt

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